Need Advise on Water Softener System

6 years ago

I want to update my current system and looking for advice. I recently bought this house and not sure what I have, what it does or how old it is.
House has 3.5 baths and live 6. I have measured the well Flow Rate and come up with 9.32 GPM.

These are my water test results:
PH 7.32 SU
Iron 0.89 mg/l
manganese 0.15 mg/l
total hardness 140 mg/l
alkalinity 140 mg/l

The current system I have installed is a Rainsoft Gold Series water softener valve on a 10"x54" tank, don't know how old it is. See pictures below the test results.
I suspect I need to change the valve and the resin; I was thinking of replacing it with a fleck 5600STX.
Do I need to replace the bypass valve too?
Do I need a yolk?
Plumbing is 3/4" PVC

I also have two small tanks that are 8"x43"ish. I don't know what these do. I suspect they treat Iron and manganese, however the odd thing is they are installed after the softener. They each have a Rain soft Silver series valve. See pictures at bottom. Any idea what these would be? Any recommendations on what to do with these? Do i even need a separate iron/managanese filter?

Some salesmen have told me dont bother replacing the resin, the cost of valve + resin is ~75% of the cost of the entire system anyway and replacing parts can cost more in the long run, just get it all new. any opinion on that?

Please advise.

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