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DIY making own pool plaster.

13 years ago

I'm replastering my gunite pool using white cement, silica sand, calcium chloride, and different colored pigments. I'll briefly explain my can of worms. Using one inch tiles strips as borders in a 45 degree stepped pattern, I am trying to replicate the traveretine tile pattern around the pool, hence the different colors. I have read mixing anywhere from 1:1,1:2,1:3 cement/sand respectfully. Ive also read to use 2-3 percent of calcium cloride, but it was unclear if that meant percentage to cement weight or weight of batch? The only answer I havent been able to find is the grit of the silica to use? Multi-grit 30,60,90? I know some colors are not mixible using calcium chloride so i'm sticking to pigments that can be. I used to be a plasterer and have done a fair amount of smoothcoat,so I have enough mechanical skills to fool myself to attempt this. I live in Phx. if the temperature changes the above mentioned. Your help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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