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mid century mod outdoor lighting-input needed!!

9 years ago

Hello to all-finishing up a gut rehab on my MCM 1957 Ranch and am totally stuck on outdoor lighting. I have a light on either side of the front door, and either side of garage and post light in front of garage by walk way. I am open to eliminating either the post or the garage lights if they are redundent (and would save some $) if it would look better.

I am totally drawn to this style globe post light but stuck on what lights on the house would compliment them? Also just because I am drawn to it, doesn't mean my feelings will be hurt if the group thinks it's not a great idea..It might look too cheap/they ARE cheap!

For the house, I am drawn to this style:

The house (not stone) is being painted a light gray/tan

Please help..I am totally stuck! Budget is approx $600-1000

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