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old kitchen space--does this make sense?

9 years ago

As you may know, I am toying with the idea of putting a new kitchen in a new addition (which we are intending to do regardless of if it contains a new kitchen) or sticking it in its original location in the front of the smallish house.

The sticking point of putting the kitchen in new construction is what to do with the old kitchen room. So I think I have a plan. The spouse thinks it works but what do spouses know? I want to cut the old kitchen in half with a real laundry room (ooooo! We currently have machines in the garage) and storage space and a very small office/play room/den. The windows in here face the street.

I don't have a real layout of laundry room yet, just a general idea. I mainly want to know if the sizes of these rooms work and if the locations (especially the laundry room right off the house's entry) are okay.

Here is my favorite sketch of the house layout which unfortunately is oriented upside down compared to the above drawing. The yellow blob is approximately where the new kitchen would be. I'll need professional help for that but I want to know what is reasonable and what I want before I start paying. (In spite of what the architect types tell you on the building/remodeling forums, unless you have no idea, the pros won't give you what you want if you don't tell them what you want.)

The proposed laundry room has a pocket door into the entry hall. It would probably look better than our kitchen normally does. :) But the door can be closed. We can put the W/D behind cabinetry and/or under a counter but they have to be on the window side of the room. There's no room for them on the other side because I don't want to mess with the existing door. Solid wall of cabinets on the other side to help with coat closet overload as well as general storage and laundry stuff. Whatever--that's the general idea. There is a coat closet in the entry hall but we fill it.

The "office" door opposite leads to an angled room with a half bath, doors to back yard and garage, coat closet, pantry closet, and pantry cabinet. Access to the new kitchen would likely be through the back door here (as well as through what is marked "family room" on lower drawing).

Too weird? Too small? I'd swap the office and laundry to get a nicer room off the entry, but it's too skinny to be good for that I think. I don't need a wall between them but it would help with furniture placement in the tiny office. Pocket door there, naturally. Probably open all the time.

If it helps, this is a one story casual mid century (but not modern!) ranch. Everything is close to everything else. It is not a hardship to do laundry in the garage but a laundry room sounds cool.

Thanks! F

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