Buying a 5 bedroom house with 2 bedroom septic system

12 years ago

Hello, we need some help. We live in Tennessee and are looking to buy our first home. We found a house that we like very much with 5.5 acres. However, we have discovered an issue with it. Our biggest concern with the property was that the septic system was in good condition. Upon our realtor doing some checking, this is what we discovered; The home is a 1997 doublewide - originally a three bedroom, two bath & 1600 sf. There have been three large aditions added, now making it a five bedroom, three bath, and at 2640 sf. When we received the septic certificate, we found that the septic system is a two bedroom system with 220' of leechfield.

Here are my questions;

#1 Can the Tennessee Ground Water Protection Division be contacted - forcing the seller to upgrade BEFORE closing?

#2 If not, if the tank is large enough, can this sytem be added to to accomodate the larger home and be sufficient. Enough to be classified adequate if we were to sell it in the future?

#3 If no to #2, what would the cost be to have an adequate system installed?

We are a large family of 6 (4 small children - with 1 6 y/o diabetic), with young-uns that like to stuff odd things in toilets lol :). We are also a fixed income family, and could not afford a $6,000-$8,000 "surprise".

I would gfreatly appreciate someones input. Thank you in advance.

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