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8 years ago

I have been planning, in my head at least, the renovation of three bathrooms for a couple of years.

The bathrooms are now underway.

Since it is a midcentury house, I am interested in smallish but regular-sized fixtures, not anything Victorianesque, or Edwardian, and possibly not white.

In the bathroom that is nearing completion, the original bathtub selected and the original toilet selected were discontinued between planning and ordering the fixtures, a matter of a couple of weeks. We were able to get one of the toilets.

In upstairs bathroom #1, one bathtub under consideration was discontinued completely, one Kohler porcelain color was discontinued completely, one porcelain color is still produced but has been dropped on any of the fixtures I wanted it in, one sink has been discontinued.

In bathroom #2, a Toto color that coordinated with the other fixtures has been dropped (some time ago, but it lingered around long enough after it was gone to seem still available).

Are bathrooms going the way of the Model T? Any color as long as it is (white)? Any style as long as it is huge, and faux Victorian?

You would think that with the current increase in interest in Mid-century houses, and the fact that these houses are now "semi-antique" that there would be *more* choices available that would be compatible, Not Less.

I think it was a complete accident that some of the appropriate choices were lingering around, rather than by intent. The newest Kohler Faucet isn't even Edwardian, it's high Victorian. It's nice, but I don't know that it's appropriate to a lot of bathrooms/houses (which of course, it will be put into anyway).

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