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Small 3/4' mosaic waterline tile - mistake?

16 years ago


We're getting ready to sign our contract, and the PB has asked me to go ahead and be thinking about or selecting the waterline tile.

I had my heart set on an iridescent mosaic tile. The ones I like are on

I called them, and the tiles are a mixture of 3/4" tiles in regular vitreo, iridescent and glass tile on a plastic mat/grid. They come in 12" x 12" square foot mats, so you get two linear feet (6" tall by 12" long) per SF.

I am so worried about getting this type of tile and having them fall off or be easily damaged. They are supposed to be frost proof and especially for pools.

But I like the fact that you can custom blend, and that they have all kinds of really pretty combinations.

Anyone have thoughts or experiences about small mosaic waterline tile?

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