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direct vent or power vent gas water heater

12 years ago

I would appreciate any comments on my choice between a direct vent vs. power vent water heater as we convert to gas heat in our 1960s ranch house. I am concerned about fumes drifting into our kitchen windows, which are ~5' above where the vent would be. I like to keep windows open whenever possible.

Other pros and cons I see with my choice:

direct vent--pros--does not take air conditioned/heated air from the inside only to blow it outside, works in power outage, no fan to break years from now, quiet

power vent--pros--might be more effective in keeping fumes out of kitchen windows (although one HVAC company told me fumes could a possible concern with either type. . .they are not pushing one model over the other)

The price is the same for one HVAC company, the direct vent is $350 more expensive from another. They both said that vents needed to be 4' away from a window.

Thank you.

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