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kids shared bedroom roman shades-- please vote

9 years ago

Hi all, I am working on decorating and furnishing my kid's shared room now. so far, i plan to put in a train bed and a princess bed. i was leaning towards something on the plain side for the shades, part of the reason being that eventually my kids will each get their own room in 5 years or so, and this room will become a guest bedroom. though my priority is going to be making a fun room to help transition them to big boy and big girl beds.
I would love to hear your thoughts on what to do!

this is the current room with stripey paint. it has two windows (one out of view on other wall)

So here is option 1: plain shades in neutral color (probably a natural linen)

Transitional Kids by Mill Valley Interior Designers & Decorators Jute Interior Design

i felt like i should do something a little more fun though.. so here is option 2: fun valance with plain shades-

Modern Kids by Los Angeles Interior Designers & Decorators JAC Interiors

and here is option 3: plain shade with a little trim to make it a little more festive, but not too childish

or option 4: shade in a more subtle kid themed fabric (though this might have to be changed out sooner than the others?)

Traditional Kids by Princeton Interior Designers & Decorators Dennison and Dampier Interior Design

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