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Help need advice Granite vs. Quartz

10 years ago

Hello everyone. We are upgrading our cabinets countertops appliances, etc. I am in a quandry. Granite or Quartz? We like the dark colored countertops. I am a klutz and do not want to worry about stains, etc. I know that there is now a treated granite (sensa) that does not require sealing for 15 years. Quartz is nice and uniform. Can both handle hot pots? What about seams? how long of a piece of quartz can you have without a seam. It seems (no pun intended) that i notice the granite seams right away in the showrooms. We have a 3 x 6' island we will also be putting this countertop on without anything like a cooktop or faucet on it - so that is a good-sized counter. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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