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I Think I Picked the Backsplash - How High Should it Go?

13 years ago

I pretty much think I've decided on the staggered glass backsplash. I have always really liked glass, and this tile seems to have a slight greyish understone which works with the marble and the pantry cabs. It also is a softer transition from where the counter meets the glass. The white ceramic tiles were too much of a contrast for me.

So...where would you stop this tile?

1)Up to the bottom of the hood and then across the whole wall?

2)Up to the height of the duct cover and then across the wall(this basically lines up with the top of the open shelving top of the frig and the top of the pantry cabs).

3)The entire wall counter to ceiling? I'm not really feeling it for the entire wall, but doing the whole wall had always been my desire and I'm kind of having a hard time abandoning the idea(ridiculous....I know). I just wonder if the entire wall is going to feel "top heavy". Maybe because nothing else in the kitchen "goes to the ceiling".

This is at the other end of the room.

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