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Said good bye to my best friend after 13 years.

11 years ago

I am so very sad. I said good bye to my best friend today.

She was a beautiful brindle boxer with eyes of brown with

flecs of gold. The most wonderful companion I have ever

known. And I have known many boxers. C was my dream pet.

My husband loved her more than words can say.

We held her today, kissing her as we said our good bye.

Reminding her that she is and always will be the most

important dog in our lives. I told her I love her. And

when a few moments passed she died in our arms. It was

terribly painful for me to say good bye. I think I had

been keeping her alive for me. Carrying her to go to

the bathroom and carrying back in. She had stopped eating,

drinking and had internal bleeding into her body.

I miss her. Thank you for letting me share my sad day.

Not everyone is a fan of dogs or cats or creatures great

and small. I thought about posting something in Kitchens

(my usual hang out) but realize there are other pet owners

here who will understand me. And this is what I need

right now. Fans of dogs and cats who get that

I mourn my dog.


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