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Finding Source of Water Leak in Basement

13 years ago

This is a lot to read. Thank you in advance for bearing with me!

Our house was built in the 1940's. Our (poured, I believe))basement has developed a constant leak of water on a back exterior wall. It is enough that I have to wet-vac it every day. It is easy to spot where the water is coming in. It is coming in from a single spot about four or five feet below ground level, traveling down the wall and puddling on the floor. The water appears to be clean, without any odor. We have not experienced rainfall of any consequence in several weeks. It's been pretty dry. This leak is very recent. Gutters are in place and are fine.

1. One part of the basement has a large built-in cistern that was built with the house. (A scary looking, but appearing to be well-built thing! Would make a heck of a bomb shelter!!) I thought perhaps it had developed a leak into the exterior wall which allowed the water to travel to the spot where I'm finding the water (about five feet next to the cistern). I pumped out the cistern totally and there is still a leak. So cross out that idea.

2. There are no water pipes in or around that exterior wall. I have not detected any interior leaks. We do not hear any water running or dripping in the house at all.

3. We have an artesian well that is located about 20 feet from the house, and about 10 feet to one side of where the water is coming in. It is slightly uphill from the house. Could the well be leaking under ground? I do not see any water leaking above ground.

4. About 70 yards directly out from the well, we have a "frost proof" spigot. This water does not go into the house, and is a good source of non-softened water for watering plants. Water pressure appears very good here. Might this be leaking under ground? I did have to replace it a couple of years ago. It was leaking underground, but all the water was coming directly up to the surface.

5. We have a septic system that was recently pumped. We were told it is in excellent condition. There is no leach field. Water travels down a pipe from that system to a gully in the road. We have been noticing more water than usual in the gully for some time now. There is no odor. The septic system is in front of the house (opposite of where the leak is)and water would run downhill from that, away from the house.

6. Unfortunately, the grade in the back goes downhill to the house (where the leak is). But as I've said, there has never been a problem before.

OK... you're tired of reading, and I'm tired of typing! Does anyone have any thoughts/tips on the subject? Or... who do I call? Plumber? Septic guy? Exorcist??

Thanks, your time and advice is appreciated!!!


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