Washing Machine Causing Backup!

12 years ago

(FYI: we have a submerged sump pump in our basement, the pump itself works fine. The only thing that drains into the pit is laundry water, everything else flows directly into the main waste line. We are first-time homeowners. The seller of our house did not disclose any plumbing issues on the disclosure statement.)

For the last month my husband and I have owned our new home, we didn't have plumbing issues. About a week after closing, we had our new washer/dryer installed from Sears. Everything worked fine. Before we moved in, I would periodically come to the house (while living @ an in-laws house) to do some laundry. Everything was great.

About 2 weeks ago, we started having backup problems right after the neighbors dug new pipes so they could move their already- built house on the empty lot next door. Whenever we run the washing machine, water rains out of our furnace condensation pipe. It's an open pipe near the ceiling since our furnace is on the main floor.

Anyway, we called the city to have their master plumbers come out and inspect to see if the main sewer line collapsed. No.

So we called a plumber my co-worker recommended. I asked for a camera inspection to pin-point the problem. They said they would go with their hunch, and bet it's a blockage. They showed up quickly and only jetted out the waste line, no camera inspection. He said he could guarantee the backup is due to tree roots. I used a tree-root killer so we wouldn't have to see the plumber again. Well, it worked ---for about two days.

It backed up again with the next load of laundry (a "small" load). We called the plumber back on Saturday and he used some contraption to pull objects jammed in the waste line. He pulled out some Clorox wipes, a maxi pad, a tampon, and some other icky stuff. That stuff must have been there for a while because I don't use Clorox wipes, and I'm certainly not stupid enough to flush a maxi pad--which I don't use them either. Awesome, I hope this helps the backup. We tested the washing machine, no backup. Whew!

Well I just went to do a load of laundry (about 40 hours after the plumber came and left) and it's backing up again. I am beginning to wonder if this is beyond tree roots and stuff stuck in the pipe. I think the neighbors have disturbed our plumbing somehow and I should have them come back and check their work. This is why companies have insurance.

I am very frustrated right now, both with the house itself and financially. We've been using every spare penny to remodel this house and now we have this to deal with. I don't make a lot of money to begin with, and I don't want to make ourselves go broke trying to fix a lost cause. ANY ADVICE IS USEFUL! PLEASE HELP!

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