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What would your home look like if your spouse had to decorate?

12 years ago

Sometimes I wonder if we get enough credit for the energy we put into making our homes special. DH appreciates everything I do, but I wonder if he knows how much research and thought goes into every single decision. I'm not sure he even sees the difference between paint samples. It started to make me wonder what our house would look like if it entirely on his shoulders.

I would imagine the first thing he would choose would be the perfect lawn grass. The exterior would be painted to match his vehicle. Then, he would run inside and find a spot for a HUGE fish aquarium. After hours of selecting the color scheme for the fish, he would then find the nearest furniture store, tell the manager that his wife is crazy about yellow, dogs, and Danny Williams from Hawaii-Five O. An hour later DH would walk out with a delivery ticket. Now, what furniture a couple of puzzled furniture store employees think says "Danny Williams" is completely anybody's guess.

Anyway, that would be our house.

What about your spouse?

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  • caminnc
    12 years ago

    OH LOL, I don't even want to think about it! It's way to scary.

  • Oakley
    12 years ago

    I know of one thing he would have done. Last year when we built the new room he asked for an outlet to be in the middle of the room. At the time I had never heard of doing that, and I thought he was an idiot. lol. But he told me we can plug our lamps in without the cords being seen.

    Then I asked him how he wanted the furniture arranged in there, and he says, "My recliner is going in the middle of the room." He had just bought a large TV. :)

    The man was SERIOUS. Thankfully he listened to reason. lol

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  • homebodymom
    12 years ago

    HUGE tv, couch, full fridge,toilet......................

  • western_pa_luann
    12 years ago

    Ours would look pretty much the same...

    we both prefer arts & crafts decor, and we both hate white walls/ceilings.

  • kitchendetective
    12 years ago

    Fewer antiques, but the large upholstered pieces would probably be about the same (with the exception of the drat leather, post-knee surgery recliner). Inherited art and objets wouldn't be here, acquired art would be mostly the same. Electronics would be the same (they make me cringe and he digs that stuff). Oh, and there would be tools on most horizontal surfaces.

  • sis3
    12 years ago

    Is there a word to describe 'extremely eclectic'? Oh yeah, 'random', that's it! :)

  • Bumblebeez SC Zone 7
    12 years ago

    Like the way his mother and aunts decorate because they would come over and do it for him.

  • fluffybutt
    12 years ago

    Oh gosh, your husband sounds like mine. He already did get the huge fish tank, and he jokes about wanting a dogs playing poker picture (althought I think he'd be happy if I came home with one). He wanted to make our upstairs playroom a "plant room" with plants all over like a jungle. This is why he's not in charge of the decorating.

  • busybee3
    12 years ago

    ok...just had to reply here when i saw the "dogs playing poker" comment!! my husband's dogs playing poker "wall hanging" is mounted and hanging in our finished basement!!! i believe my husband said it once hung in his dorm room!!! (and his bright red plastic hog hat sits in the den...!) those are the only momentos displayed!! if he were decorating our home, all of our walls would be painted some variation of beige and the decor would be scandinavian/modern........

  • jakabedy
    12 years ago

    It's hard to say. He likes wood and he likes comfort. But he's embraced the modern apect of our MCM home. He misses the barley twist and oak from our 1920s homes, but loves his cool glass-and-chrome desk and Eames-ish desk chair. He thought he had to have a recliner, but now loves his IKEA Poang chair.

    Oh, we don't have neon or a fishtank, but we do have a giant 1958 jukebox in a place of prominence.

  • runninginplace
    12 years ago

    I don't have to speculate, I've seen it. My husband owned his home when I met him; I moved in there when we married. room had a couple of pieces of furniture his mom had given him. A couch, one chair and a battered coffee table as I recall. He had a 7" tv with a broken vertical hold so the picture flipped up and down and up and down and up and down. The only wall decorations were his water and snow skis which he had mounted.

    In his bedroom he had a twin bed placed directly underneath the window. He had no air conditioning so he used a twisted coat hanger to mount a fan in the window. He slept lying directly under the fan.

    No telephone. No newspaper delivery. A few plates in the kitchen cupboard, but he usually had dinner by boiling up a box of frozen vegetables which he then ate from the pot.

    Good times...I married him in January. Had a phone installed the day we came back from our honeymoon. Air conditioning in May-we live in Miami so that was a non negotiable issue. Brought my own television. And so it goes. I'm about to inflict a kitchen remodel on him and he is still in the denial stage of that, as well as most of my decorating/remodeling decisions over the past 24+ years :).


  • cyn427 (z. 7, N. VA)
    12 years ago

    It would look great. However, there would be built-in bookshelves in every room, not just the library. We both like mid-19th c. or earlier antiques, so that wouldn't change, but there would be no abstract art or modern touches. Oh, and the walls would all be antique white. He is coming around on color some-he picked a lovely creamy, buttery yellow for his library. Too bad the stairwell down to that level has a fluorescent bulb in the fixture-makes the yellow look neon-gotta change that!

  • yborgal
    12 years ago

    All floors except kitchen, laundry and bathrooms would be carpeted. Walls would be a safe white. There would be heavy, but plain, drapes on all the windows so the rooms could be darkened. I think he'd be happy in a cave.

    Our home is none of the above and he loves it. But it took a lot of convincing for him to go in my direction. He admits he has no vision and has to learn to trust me when I say something will work and that he'll like the finished product.

  • sheesh
    12 years ago

    The only men I've ever known who gave a darn about "decorating" were my brother, who was gay (but not a queen), and all his friends. All the others? Plunk 'em in a room with a chair and a TV and they're happy! Oh, they appreciate a cozy, comfy home, but it isn't important enough to them to make one. They just have other interests.

  • PRO
    Diane Smith at Walter E. Smithe Furniture
    12 years ago

    Mine appreciates my efforts but if he was in charge it would simply be functional.
    Big TV, recliner, a room for his music/instruments/books and a bed. He's done!
    He does have a bit of a sentimental side and would have any memorabilia packed away in crumbly cardboard boxes stashed in a closet.
    Actually this pretty much describes his place when I met him 30+ years ago....

  • deegw
    12 years ago

    My husband is severely color blind. When we dated he used to wear a red shirt and these weird color green pants all the time. I could not figure it out. When I finally asked him about it he was mortified because he had thought the pants were khaki. oops.

    Have that man decorate a house? shudder

  • mamiebella
    12 years ago

    ...a 16 seater sectional(or whatever the largest they make), a laptop, an 80 inch tv as a focal point, with smaller flatscreens as wall art on different walls, a bar and a Lynx 54-inch gas grill-its actually more of an outdoor built-in grill, but it would've been in the living room!!!! To top it all off....e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g would be stainless steel!!!

  • igloochic
    12 years ago

    My 3 dogs playing poker (it's my cats and our dog):

    It has a place of pride in the townhouse LOL I love it.

    If DH was in charge there would be less clutter but in general it would be probably nicer than my work because he'd hire a designer and invest in great pieces and art....but like his home in texas when I met him, that sort of meant clean lines, and somewhat cold given that there were no real personal items around.

    I also insist on finding bargains (and splurge as well on investments when I find them) but I enjoy the thrill of the hunt and like to find them gradually verses going into a place and finding it all in one fabulous antique store.

    Mind you, the real swing vote in decor is our 4 year old. You can glitz up a place all you want, but it's hard to get the plastic out of your life when you have a small child. I'm sitting at a pretty antique pine table in the family dining room...the furniture is pretty wicker and some oak pieces, other pine pieces, an antique high char, pretty art....on one chair is his "Super Bunny" magic cape. The dog just ran in with a stuffed car in his mough which he's deposited in the wicker chair...while doing so the silk cushion on the ottoman went flying...I had to move 4 helicopters and a sea plane to open up my computer. My gardening shoes are on the highchair...they were ice skates last night apparently (the kitchen was the rink for some odd reason and he'd scream at me if I walked in there "DON'T SLIP ON THE ICE MOMMY!!!)

    Oh and the pretty crystal vase that had lemon verbana in it yesterday on the pretty table...for some reason the herbs were necessary to feed the dragon....he's sitting in it head down as we speak (I try not to look around before coffee....this was painful LOL). I'll clean it all in ten mins and it will be lovely again...then he'll wake and the dragon will need to eat again....blah blah blah

    No such thing as elegant decor with a 4 year old heh heh

  • tomorrowisanotherday
    12 years ago

    I'm afraid it might be something like this:

    No, that's not really my photo, but he is quite messy w/o female intervention. When we first met, he had no fewer than 5 layers of carpet thrown on the floor in his room at his frat house and thought nothing of it. When he moved into an apartment, he had two ancient red chairs, a bed, 3 Corelle plates, 3 glasses and a few pots/pans. You want to know what his first purchase was??? You guessed it...AN ENORMOUS TV!


  • vampiressrn
    12 years ago ex had a room like that!!!

    I had the opposite craft room.

    Don't miss those. :-)

  • teacats
    12 years ago

    A junk shop. And just like the photo that tomorrow posted.

  • mjroz
    12 years ago

    LOL, this is a great post. Hmmm, mine would buy the biggest flat screen tv he can find and put it everywhere even the bathrooms, speakers thru out the entire house so he can blast his music, easily accessible stainless steel bar fridge for his beers, probably one in the bathroom. I can't imagine!!

  • bronwynsmom
    12 years ago

    Similar to now...except there would be more modern things, more shiny things, fewer antiques, not enough lamps, things on the bookshelves and tables willy nilly, nothing in the refrigerator except restaurant doggie bags, vodka, and breakfast supplies; and the pictures would all be hung too high.
    And he would think, this doesn't look right, and call a designer, eventually, when he stopped working long enough.

  • 2ajsmama
    12 years ago

    I designed the house, so the house wouldn't look the same or have the same layout. He'd buy something he thought was a good price, live with whatever cabinets/countertops/bathroom fixtures were there when he bought it. No WTs except miniblinds in rooms that were too bright. No DR set even if he had a DR (unless there was no eatin kitchen, then he'd have whatever he could find cheap at Bob's Discount Furniture). A computer desk and bookshelves in one room (the DR?), with pictures of his old Army base and diplomas on the wall. Though he loves built-ins, he can't build anything and would never hire someone to build anything. Same thing with painting - the walls would be whatever color the PO had, unless it was horrid, then he'd try to paint them himself, wouldn't tape off the woodwork would just paint everything white. He doesn't stain or finish anything, so he'd either leave the woodwork stained whatever it was (with paint splatters) or paint it with the same paint as the walls if it was painted. He'd hire someone to replace horrible carpet, probably with a Berber. He *might* hire someone to install HW floors in some rooms but not unless the carpet was horrible. If it had HW (no matter condition) or vinyl he'd leave it. LR would have 1 recliner, a table, a Papasan chair for guest and a big TV with surround sound. BR would have a bed frame (no headboard), maybe a nightstand and a lamp. Acrylic "mink" blanket with animal picture on it, maybe a Mexican serape.

  • PRO
    Diane Smith at Walter E. Smithe Furniture
    12 years ago

    These posts are cracking me up!

    Sometimes I wonder if men and women really suit each other. Perhaps they should live next door and just visit now and then. ~Katharine Hepburn

  • Bumblebeez SC Zone 7
    12 years ago

    That would suit me :)

  • lynninnewmexico
    12 years ago

    Gorgeous, elegant, simple, expensive and very Contemporary, but comfortable.
    I met DH right after med school and his apartment was like that even back then, so I did have the opportunity to see what he'd do on his own. He'd already had another very successful career for a number of years before he sold it and went to med school, so the guy had the money to buy nice things even then. At that time, my own apartment was done in Cottage style, which is still my favorite style and what our home would be if he didn't care. But he does. We've been happily married now for 27 years and, although he does like the way we (and I use that term loosely) have decorated our home, if he had his say so, it would be very different. No santos or cross collection. No Spanish Colonial influence. Back when we first got married we butted heads over every household purchase we made. It actually took us 18 months to finally agree our first good set of dishes! Although we do make all of our major purchases together, I buy pretty much everything else these days. If he really hates it, I'll take it back, but he's learned to compromise . . . and I've learned to stop asking him to help me pick out things for the house ;^D

  • jolynna
    12 years ago

    My husband's house would have a big rug in it with an NFL Colt's horseshoe. The walls would be covered with Colt's paraphernalia. Every letter, catalog, bill, receipt and business card my husband had ever received in his life would be piled on every available surface. Plastic dancing NFL Colt's figures would be on top of all the paper clutter.

    My husband's closets & drawers would be stuffed full of wrinkled t-shirts from every place he has ever been in his life (he is already employing this decorating technique and I expect will do the same in our new house. But, we'll have separate closets, so, oh well.).

    There would be the biggest possible television in every room. Lots and lots of electronic gadgets. There would be old plastic margarine tubs full of nails,screws and wires in every kitchen drawer. The atari and nintendo sets would still be upstairs under the piles of paper and plastic Colt figurines. The Colt's clock would still be over the sink.

  • lazy_gardens
    12 years ago

    If the SO decorated (budget not a consideration) we would have:

    Really comfy rustic leather couches with lots of pillows.
    Great Navajo and Persian rugs on the walls and floor.
    Massive real wood table and chairs.
    Moar bookz! Lots Moar Bookz!
    No TV!
    Full-house music.
    Real wood stained woodwork and light clear colors on the walls.

    He has great taste ... an hates commercial sports.

  • sergeantcuff
    12 years ago

    Metal lawn chairs with vinyl straps. Cardboard boxes for tables. He would cook himself a good dinner with some decent wine, though.

    jolynna - That'd better be the Baltimore Colts :)

  • IdaClaire
    12 years ago

    WWE (wrestling) posters everywhere. Yes, you read correctly: wrestling. Most would probably be of bikini-clad WWE "divas", but hey - he's a guy after all. Stacks and stacks of books and DVDs and CDs everywhere - but quite orderly, and don't you dare move anything or his "system" is ruined. Big ol' ugly recliner in front of the big screen telly. Actually, aside from the wrestling posters (because I insist on hanging real paintings on the walls), our den looks pretty much as I've just described. It's his territory. ;-)

  • leafy02
    12 years ago

    When I met him he was a grad student who owned a thousand books and two pieces of furniture: one olive green velvet rocking recliner, and one end table made from a giant wooden cable spool COVERED IN CARPET "so you don't have to use a coaster".

    Now he has a little more cash, but his interests are still the same, so I am guessing if he did the decorating we'd have more bookshelves, more guitars, and more beer storage. And no china dogs or knick-knacks of any kind.

  • anele_gw
    12 years ago

    We were at Home Depot today and DH spotted a Cubs welcome mat. He pointed at it and said, "Should we put this in front of the new door?"

    If he decorated, he would buy it in a heartbeat. He would NOT be buying the new door, because the rusty, broken one has escaped his notice.

    Wall-to-wall carpeting (with a thick pad), 80s style sofas, vinyl mini blinds, state-of-the-art electronics, CDs and DVDs prominently displayed, etc.

    We have completely opposite tastes. The good news is, DH truly forgets (does not notice) how I've decorated within 3 days, unless it interferes with TV-viewing comfort. So, as long as I make sure he can watch TV happily, I can do whatever I want.

    I am thinking of painting the front door pink (I'm going to start a thread about that!) and he is not thrilled with that idea . . .but I do think he'll forget in a few days like he usually does. If he hates it, then in a year, he can pick from one of his choices for the door: white, black, or red. (And our house is white . . .)

  • parma42
    12 years ago

  • lizziebethtx
    12 years ago

    This thread is a HOOT! I'm loving entertaining on a Sat. night. I can tell you exactly what it looked like because we've only been together 14 months and I moved into the house he has lived in since 1982. First, the carpet was original...yes, you read that right. It was pure dirty and worn. The carpet on the stairs was literally worn to the boards in several places. Everything was original for that matter...still the original builder's beige paint everywhere...the original dishwasher....boy was it loud, but it amazingly still worked. All the lighting looked like a cross between the Jetson's and the Flintstones. The only two colors in the house were beige and brown. There were boxes stacked all over the couldn't find the kitchen table in the breakfast room due to the clutter and rolling carts filled with stuff. What, I have no idea...I was afraid to look. There was a black vinyl sofa and an ancient vinyl computer chair. That was it for furniture...except the bed of course...and it was metal with an ancient mattress that was torture to lie on. I could go on, but you get the drift. He was (is) clean...but the house had zero attention since day one and he just isnt' wired to see details. Anyway, it will come as no surprise we are finishing up the total downstairs renovation...and tackling the upstairs is next. Just so you know, the FIRST thing I did when I moved in was buy a new mattress. Before it was delivered we spent one LONG day tearing out the carpet. It was a pleasure to live on the slab for a while. It was clean and new looking. ha

  • susanilz5
    12 years ago

    First, there would be recliners everywhere, the big bulky ones preferably leather. Then in the middle of my living room ding room combination we'd have a pool table, even though this man has not played pool more times then I can count on one hand during our entire 30 year marriage. The poster of the 3 Stooges (a gift from a friend) and his beloved picture of his best friend dressed like the guy from Miami Vice and holding an UZI would be hanging in a prominent position over his recliner, instead of in the laundry room where I have banned them which is what I usually do with this type of stuff before moving it to the garage or basement. Next to the recliner would be a Bears or Cubs lamp the kind where if you clap your hands the lamp turns on or off.

    The entire interior of the house would be painted BM Georgian Brick. We've actually discussed this. There would be at least 5 speakers in the ceiling of every room so he could listen to his music wherever he pleased. Very little lighting, since he dosen't see the point of seeing in the dark, but of course 60" TV screens would be in the Family room, Master Bedroom and bath. Oh and we'd have really big toilets, whatver that means...

  • rucnmom
    12 years ago

    It begins with "s" and ends with "t". Hint: The word is not "sweet".

  • jerseygirl_1
    12 years ago

    Every empty flat surface would be filled with his everyday junk. His favorite collectable would be newspaper. Underneath it all would be some pretty neat stuff. Great art.

  • tannatonk23_fl_z9a
    12 years ago

    When I first met my husband he had a beautiful new home. The furniture consisted of two cheap plastic patio chairs and a mattress on the floor, sheets were tacked up to the windows in lieu of window treatments and there was a 3'x 6' long framed poster of a Lamborghini hanging above the 4' wide fireplace. The car was fire engine red with a black background. He paid $300 to have it framed. We still have it in the garage. ugh.

    My son's first place away from home was decorated in a similar fashion except he spent all his spare pocket change on thrift store microwaves - the bigger the better. He used them for tables, dressers, you name it, stacked sometimes 4 high. He would cover them with towels to pretty them up. LOL!

    I'm not sure that if they were on their own again that their decorating style would change.

  • zeebee
    12 years ago

    My husband has pretty good taste but no overall vision or idea of what you should buy first. If he decorated our house, he'd fall in love with some random map from a print shop, have it framed, hang it in a room, take a cellphone picture of it, then trot the picture around to every furniture and rug store and say, "I need stuff that goes with this."

    "Eclectic" would be a kind word for what would result. "Random" or "scattershot" is probably more accurate.

  • neetsiepie
    12 years ago

    Tannantok, you're describing my DH's place when I met him! He also had a beer can collection growing on his back patio. He owned virtually no dishes (eating out of the pan was the norm). When you walked in the door you were greeted by a picture of a big haired blonde wearing suspenders and not much more. Laminated to a piece of charred wood. Given to him by his mother.

    Current decorating would be blankets tacked up to the windows, but he'd also have 1000 watt lights all over the place. I tell him the sun would not provide enough light for him.

    Clothing would adorn all the lamp shades (if he used lamp shades at all...probably adorn the curtain rods. Bathtowels would be the floor mats. Steak knives would pin up things to the walls, and EVERY wall would have something pinned to it.

    He'd have a ginormous sofa with blankies and his dogs. No pillows, except for what was on the floor. And every cupboard would be doorless and the drawers self closing.

  • newdawn1895
    12 years ago

    You bet me to it Parma, I love that picture.

  • joannaca
    12 years ago

    Like this.
    An Italian villa with faux painted walls, ornate fixtures, rich textures, and lots of color. Not that there's anything wrong with that! It's just that we are moving into a contemporary style mid-century modern. He's not thrilled with all my neutral color choices.

    [home design[( by other metros interior designer aii studio

    [traditional entry design[( by austin interior designer Bella Villa Design Studio

  • nkkp
    12 years ago

    1982 - bless his heart!

  • nhb22
    12 years ago

    Funny you should ask. :-)

    As you know,I have been working/struggling with curtain decisions for our Master bedroom. DH thinks that the curtains look better TOO short. The TOO narrow curtain rods were just fine. The TOO small clip rings were dandy. The TOO dark colored clips were not noticeable with the bronze colored rods. You get the picture. lol

    Yet, when the gas company dug up OUR yard on Friday to put a new gas line in for the across the street NEIGHBORS house, you would have thought he had lost his entire yard to locus!

    Love all the above answers!

  • leafy02
    12 years ago

    Pesky1, this part takes the cake: "When you walked in the door you were greeted by a picture of a big haired blonde wearing suspenders and not much more. Laminated to a piece of charred wood. Given to him by his mother."

    I love the idea of his mom giving that to him!

  • cooperbailey
    12 years ago

    Hmmm. Wood paneling, comfy recliners, more electronics. bits and pieces of computer gear here and there, speakers in every room. Wall to wall dark carpet so spills wouldn't show. Oh and the big spool coffee table he made would still be here. You should have seen the finish on that table! The man can work with wood, any kind of wood!

  • sistersunnie
    12 years ago

    Man oh Man I wish he were he to decorate our home..... but it would be "Ducks Unlimited"! Nicely framed wildlife prints on the wall, an occassional rack of antlers..... maybe some nautical stuff thrown in. A giant leather recliner and sectional, earth tones likely with a dose of olive green and camo for accent. Cherry wood furniture. Stainless in the kitchen. Several bird dogs lying around instead of rugs or pillows..... Large gun/display cabinets, stocked full for good measure.

  • jaybird
    12 years ago

    just like it did in 1970 when he bought it..except it would have new humongous tv's in every room!!

  • bird_lover6
    12 years ago

    If he decorated, probably the only thing we have now in the house that he would have chosen is the king size mattress and boxspring - minus the lovely 4 poster bedstead, of course!

    And since we have several computers and gaming systems, and I'm always fussing about the "wires"strewn about in the game room, should I die before him he will be free from my constraints and I am quite sure that he will have wires and cables all over the house. I can just see the wires from the surround sound system that he wants to put in the living room draped all over the walls....

    (Love him dearly, though. hehe)