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We have a new dog!! :)

13 years ago

We adopted a 3 year old rescue Border Collie! Now I'm trying to figure out how to get her to settle in.

In the last month she was picked up by the pound, been in two foster homes, been de-wormed, vaccinated, spayed attended an adoption event and is now home with us. A lot for a sensitive girl to go through. It's only her second day here.

She may have had some rough treatment in the past, because she's definitely on the shy/timid side and does not like to come straight to you when you call. (She'll go along the wall, under the table, and finally slink toward you with sad eyes that seem to say "please don't hit me.")

Other than startling easily she is a real sweetheart. LOVES to be petted and cuddled and fussed over. Sleeps just fine on a dog bed on the bedroom floor. Walks pretty well on a leash, just wants to pee/mark every few feet just like a boy - even kind of lifts one leg when she squats - which is pretty funny.

I'm having a hard time figuring out how to let her know the rules without driving her back into her shell. My husband told her to get off the couch this morning - at first she wouldn't listen to a quiet but firm command so he touched her on the back and she shot off like a rocket and ran under the table. Wouldn't come back to him for pets for a while. On the good side, her tail thumps like crazy when any of us come into the room!

Any tips for working with a fearful dog? I want to make her feel secure, safe, and boost her confidence without starting any bad habits. She isn't very food driven (although she eats well), doesn't seem to know what a toy or ball is for, Doesn't seem to want to run around in the yard. If we put her outside, she just lays on the mat until we let her back in.

Any tips to build confidence would be greatly apreciated. She's such a doll.

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