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How 'perfect' are your inset doors?

14 years ago

We have a painted white inset kitchen that we are finishing up, with inset (no bead) doors. A few cabinets upstairs are also inset. I have been repeatedly assured that all the "misaligned" areas would ultimately be straightened. Kitchen is custom - MANY errors by cabinet maker that have had to be fixed/replaced along the way (like all our drawer fronts were done incorrectly, for starters). So far they have been good about replacing things and taking responsibility, and until now the "adjusting" of doors has been put on hold. I have been asking since the beginning if certain doors that looked off might need to be re-made and was told they could be adjusted to even them out. Today the guy came, and he was NOT happy when I showed him all the doors that I think aren't right. Of course, it turns out he does have to remake 2 of them because when he took them down, they were warped.... He spent hours harumphing around, culminating in complaining about how much of my cabinetry they have had to remake. I tried to (nicely) remind him that given the amount of $$ I spent on cabinetry, I would've expected it to be done correctly the first time. I mean, I'm glad they've fixed things but it has been an extraordinary inconvenience to us too (I have set aside one day a week for the past 4 weeks to be here for the cabinet service guy!!).

I am particularly unthrilled with the lack of uniformity of the narrow (or less narrow!) gaps around the perimeter of my inset doors. It isn't consistent from one part of the kitchen to the next. There are also a couple of spots where the doors don't line up quite evenly where they meet at the top or bottom- almost as if one is slightly taller than the other. There are a few places in the hinged sides of the doors where I can see in the sides and actually see shelving. The customer service guy kept telling me that I shouldn't be expecting them to be perfect, that they never will be as they are tricky and the wood will expand/contract and constantly change everything..... The doors have been "off" since install, so it shouldn't be an expansion/contraction issue. Plus, isn't that additional level of craftsmanship WHY we pay extra for inset doors?

So.... I doubt I'm ever going to be 100% satisfied, if this guy is responsible for all.... but can you tell me at what point I should let things be "good enough."? Are everyone's doors perfectly centered in their boxes and with each other? Consistent around the kitchen? Or is this variability normal? I'm getting frustrated that what I was told was fixable may require my insisting that even more doors be remade - but this is our FOREVER kitchen!

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