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Kitchen sink- kitchen faucet - questions questions questions

Debbie Downer
13 years ago

Hello, after much agony and searching I think Ive narrowed it down to the Kindred QSL2225 stainless steel sink.

However the drain is positioned near the rear, and the faucet I was going to use has an 8" reach which as near as I could figure would be about an inch closer to me than the drain. Is the faucet spout supposed to go directly above the drain? I had a sink once that was AWFUL because every time I turned on the faucet it would splash out and go all over me. A huge PITA. Maybe I should get another faucet???

Secondly, can someone recommend an online plumbing supply place with free shipping - has anyone bought from



Is there any rule of thumb about choosing a faucet to match the sink?

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