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Why I decorate the way I do...

10 years ago

Let me begin with... I found GW so many years ago, I remember when getting sent to Disney by Spike was a new thing, LOL! I found the Buying and Selling Homes forum in my research for selling our first house. I then migrated to several different forums as my interests changed.

I've been reading the Buying and Selling Homes forum again recently and I really have no reason to, except (it was such a great help when I needed it, and)...

I'm in constant worry over making our current house sellable on a moments notice because in our last house, it took me 2 yrs. to convince DH we needed to move (I was right, he admits it), 2 yrs. to "ready" the house for sale (including a HI loan), and almost a year to sell it.

From the moment we moved into this (our second) house, I've been decorating for ME & DH (first and foremost), but, honestly, I've kept selling in mind in EVERY decision I've made.

I've found I can live with and enjoy both ;-) It helps, I suppose that I consider walls, for the most part, background for art.

Another thing, I just read a thread on the B & S forum about the pros and cons of a first floor master. Ours is a center-hall colonial, but not an old house, and of course, all the bedrooms are upstairs. I was kind of worried about this until I read that thread. Seems there are lots of reasons people like and choose "all-bedrooms-upstairs" houses. But we would probably have to rely on OOT'rs, it's fashionable here to have a 1st floor master.

Also, that thread on the B&S forum really made me think about space and what you get for your money.

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