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Hybrid heat pump water heater, or other recommendations for WH?

14 years ago

I am investigating options for a new water heater. We currently have a traditional gas water heater but figured I'd check out other options before replacing with a similar one. I like saving energy and water whenever possible. Saving $ also good of course.

Anyone have knowledge of the GE Hybrid heat pump water heater to be released this November? Or any similar models from other mfrs? We do not need to replace our WH immediately.

I am not sure a tankless would be much $/energy/water savings for us.

Family of 4, moderate water users, use a water softener & RO for drinking, warm climate, water heater in garage.

The biggest problem we have is wasting 7-10 gal water while waiting for it to heat up in bathrooms and 4-5 gal in kitchen. I collect some in a bucket for the plants, but still not happy with this amt of wasted water. I looked into the recirc pumps a bit but they seemed complicated and $.

Any help or advice greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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