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Sad split foyer needs front door help and curb appeal

12 years ago

Hello All! I have enjoyed reading your posts the last couple of days and finally decided to add one of my own. I would love it if you could help me out.

We live in your run of the mill 1973 split foyer. I know many people do not like this style of home, but I have to say it works out quite well for our family and lifestyle. We've completed a few projects and still have many interior and exterior projects on our "to do" list. Right now I would like to tackle the front door and possibly some additional curb appeal. We are ready to buy a new front door but don't have the funds to redo the landscaping right now (ie rip out the azaleas). I do know that in the future we will be replacing the driveway and walkway. At that point we will tackle the rest of the yard too.

My questions for you are what style of door do you think would look best? What color? Should I change the shutter color? I have two door styles that I like and two glass inserts that I like. I just can't decide which one goes best with the house. One glass does offer more privacy then the other and our front yards are quite short. We do live in an HOA and our home is supposed to stay in a "colonial" style. There aren't any specific colors we have to stay with but I do need to submit any exterior alterations to the HOA for approval.

Here is a picture of the house right now:


These are the doors I am debating between:


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