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New bathroom sink and P-trap question

13 years ago

Hi all,

I purchased a new bathroom vanity top, sink, and faucet and installed it on my cabinet earlier today. The new sink is deeper than the one it replaced. Maybe a little too deep...

The drain pipe coming out of the bottom of the sink extends below the drain pipe on the wall. I thought about cutting the drain pipe from the sink, but even if I cut it all the way to the pop up assembly housing, it's still a bit below the outlet. Which will prevent me from installing an off-the-shelf P-trap.

Someone suggested I install the "J" part of the P-trap in reverse, which would allow for the necessary clearance. If I did so, would this be up to code? If not, what are potential problems that can result from such an installation?

The only problem I can think of is that there might be a bit of left over water in the pop-up assembly housing. Not sure if that will do any damage though...

Here are some pics from two different angles to illustrate what I'm talking about...

Note how the pop-up assembly (cast housing) is almost level with the drain pipe in the wall:

Another angle:

If there's nothing that can be done, I'll be removing the vanity top and sink and will be looking for something shallower.


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