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Need advice on adding a handheld shower head

14 years ago

I am seeking advice on how to add a handheld shower head to an existing showerhead, but for a particular situation.

Due to a recent medical issue, my wife needs to shower while sitting on a shower chair, which we have. We have an existing showerhead and plan to add a handheld showerhead for her use.

-- Handheld shower head: plastic or metal? It seems that most are plastic and therefore lighter, but vulnerable to breakage if dropped. The metal ones are obviously heavier and more costly. Recommendations??

-- Diverter: We probably need just a two-way rather than a three-way since we don't plan on running both the showerhead and the handheld simultaneously. Given that she is sitting in a chair, is it possible to install the diverter at a location other than just above the existing showerhead, which would require her to stand in order to switch the water flow?

-- Mount for handheld: We don't need a slider bar, but rather just a holder for the handheld. Would we need to purchase one that is compatible with the specific handheld we purchase, or are these standard holders that can accommodate any brand of handheld? Also, how should such a holder be attached to tile? Any particular type of waterproof glue, or should it be screwed in to a stud?

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

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