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18' or 24' deep pantries?

14 years ago

Good morning!

We have 2 feet of snow here. Hope everyone else is basking in the sun...

I am debating between 18" and 24" deep pantries. The 18" ones will give me a bit more clearance as the end of the pantry is next to the walkway behind the island and every inch counts behind bar stools. It will be a wall of pantries (1 36" wide, then a bar that sticks out to 24" deep and is 4' wide, then another 36" wide pantry).

Is 18" enough depth (we are not doing pullouts - at least not for a while - at $100 PER shelf, not in my budget... will DIY later) or will I hate myself for not doing 24"

18" would look better and give slightly better traffic flow and would let the bar between the 2 pantries stand out more at 24" deep.

24" deep may be more practical?


Thanks everyone,


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