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Dog wont go in Dog House!! Please help...

16 years ago

I have had my Lab since he was a pup, and for most of his life he was an indoor outdoor dog. We live in South Texas, so the summers can be scorching. He mostly stayed outside during the day and lazed around in the shade or played in the sprinkler, if he wasnt inside with me. But now, winter is coming, and its starting to rain like crazy. Normally I would keep him inside, but I had to move in with family, and they refuse to have dogs inside the house... soo I had to buy a big house for him, one of those insulated ones, from petsmart.

Only problem is he wont go in it!! Even when its chilly outside or pouring rain.. he just wont go in. Every now and then he does, but I dont know why he has such an aversion to it. I placed a pad and blanket in there for him and I put clear dog doors on the entrance to it.

Please Help!!!

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