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Lighting for open shelves

9 years ago

I haven't been on this forum for quite a while. We finished our kitchen about 5 years ago and I found gardenweb to be an invaluable source of information and help. I love my current kitchen.

We're now under contract to buy a new-to-us house and I'm starting to gather information for a kitchen refresh. The new kitchen has birch Ikea cabinets, lots of counter space, good appliances, and a layout that I like a lot. I won't mess with the lower cabinets or the countertop, but I don't like the upper cabinets that are in there now.

There are 4 upper cabinets, and I'm leaning toward replacing 2 of them with open shelving/floating shelves. I love the look and convenience and I think it will work well in the space. What I don't know is what kind of task lighting works with open shelves. Any suggestions? Do I use puck lights? I wan't crazy about the ones I had in a previous kitchen, but those were from Home Depot so they were probably crap. I'd love to hear what others with open shelves have done. Pictures would be appreciated!

I'm very excited about the new house, and I'm excited to have a kitchen that needs tinkering with again. I've missed the kitchen forum!

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