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Help - Weird Picture Hanging Hardware

13 years ago

I purchased a new round, moderately heavy mirror, and it came with some hardware that confuses me. Sure hope you can help.

On the back of the mirror, there are warnings not to hang it on wire, since the weight wouldn't be distributed evenly. And there are two triangular hooks on the back of the mirror, which will hang on the hardware I'm supposed to attach to the wall. The problem is with the wall hardware.

I'm posting a picture of one of the two wall hardware items below. Two long nails would go into this somehow, and it appears the nails would go in at an angle, right? The metal part of the hanging hardware has an angled top. Why?

Also, is it okay to just use these nails in drywall (not sure if studs will line up with placement), or should we buy some drywall screws/anchors instead?


Is this how each nail should go in? The mirror would hang on the lower hook that angles upward, I believe.

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