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Aquasana for Drinking Water Revisited

14 years ago

Hi. I've got my soft water system settled now and have turned my attention to drinking water. I don't necessarly need RO, in fact I prefer the idea of drinking water with high alkalinity as my city tap water has. If I could find something that would remove lead and organics I'd be happy. Someone back in 2006 posted about Aquasana so I looked into that. Here's their product:

And here is the original gardenweb post:

On the reviews generally said that the water quality was great (whatever that means) but that the filter housing itself was cheaply made. The threaded connections would start to leak and so on. I called them today and was told that the housing was originally designed for 50 psi operating pressure and it did fail. They beefed up the unit, still made of ABS, to handle 80 psi and claim to have had no complaints since doing so.

Anybody here use this product or have an opinion? I like the idea that it doesn't waste so much water as an RO does. It also seems like it will remove all the bad stuff that an RO will, but leave other dissolved solids that I don't mind anyway. If I used this product, I might feed the water through the softener first. I'm looking at the under counter unit, not the one that attaches to the faucet.

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