My Afternoon Project for the Boys

11 years ago

I'm stalled on DH's Nursery/ Big Girl Rm. as I ponder a few things and don't have big money to spend at this time to get her twin mattress set. That's okay though since she's only 18mos. and I didn't have any intention on moving her into a twin at this time anyways.

Now that she's out of the smaller rm. I've been able to clean that out and begin working on setting up as a small toy/ TV/ Game rm. for all 3 of the kids.

The past wk. has found me wandering through my basement and picking through the leftover cans of paint and stray furniture that DH likes to rescue from work. Seriously - how many little wooden chairs can one have?

I consulted DS1 & 2 about their wishes and desires and came away w/ a whole list. The 2 top things were 'make it feel like the sky' and 'let's use our maps'. 'DONE!'

I carefully selected a bunch of SW Colors To Go in a myriad of blue shades that I'd accumulated over the past 5yrs but never used. Luckily this rm. is sooooooo small that 1 CTG is enough to cover all of the walls! I guess DS1 got tired of running up the stairs every time I called him to ask 'What do you think about this one?' because he finally said 'Why don't you pick the color Mommy? Whatever you pick I'll like it. Just don't forget the maps' and that quickly he was gone.

So I decided on white walls (boring I know - isn't it?!) and keep the pale blue ceiling. I have a big white melamine bureau from IKEA from 20yrs or so ago that we keep toys in. TV and Game Cube on top.

This morning before DH left for work I asked DH if I could paint 2 chairs that I found in the basement blue to go in the rm. for them and he agreed.

I got one done this afternoon:

1 can of this:

Led to the beginnings of this at 11:30AM:

By 1:30, a beer and between playing w/ DS2, DD, dog and reading most current issue of Country Living I had this:

Pretty blue, huh?

Come 5:15PM I got the last coat on and after dinner my almost final product. There were a few rough spots that DH said he'll take care of because the varnish and spray paint didn't play nicely. He said it's an easy fix and now I know for the 2nd chair.

Loving it and can't wait to start chair 2 tomorrow or Saturday in conjunction w/ painting the walls.

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