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Isn't there a better way to hookup water filter?

Jim Peschke
15 years ago

I'm having my kitchen remodeled and I want to add a generic two stage water filter under the sink and one of those separate little faucets. I've found plenty of places to get the parts and cheap generic filter cartridges, but every single explanation uses PLASTIC tubing, compression fittings and saddle taps! Isn't that just asking for a potential leak?!? I did a thorough search here and on the Internet. I figured surely there would be some instructions on how to do a better job hooking up a filter (like I've read about using copper, rather than plastic tubing to hook up the icemaker)--but time after time they use plastic tubing! Even "This Old House" used plastic and a compression fitting. I'm not planning to do the hookup, I'm planning to let the plumber do it who will install the faucets, etc. I just want to buy everything in advance (and know how it should be done) so there will be no excuse not to do it right. Can someone please tell me how to do a "permanent", "long lasting", "easy to change filter" install?

- Jim

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