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Copper or CPVC to replace copper pipes?

8 years ago

Copper or CPVC pipe for the areas that are under contract to be replaced?

Keep or replace M copper pipes for the rest of the house?

We are remodeling 3 bathrooms the kitchen of a 25 years old house that has copper pipes. The rough in contract states that all of the plumbing must be copper pipe. Today the plumber unloaded and started installing CPVC. We discussed this with the plumber and the general contractor, during this discussion he told us that we have M copper pipe and that we should redo all of the plumbing because M pipes only last for five years. The pipe still has the red identification markings; and is tarnished.

We contracted and paid for copper replacement pipes, which are more expensive than CPVC. Which pipes are better? How much less should it cost for parts and labor to re plumb a house with CPVC instead of copper?

Of course, we have to make a decision immediately, because we cannot stop the project. If its necessary to redo the plumbing now or soon this would be the best time to do it. Are there any health concerns with the CPVC?



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