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smelly water after plastering

15 years ago

We are not sure what happens....Three weeks ago we started our kitchen remodel and family room remodel. As a part of the process, we removed a old bar in our family room. The contractor had his workers "cap" the pipe (for the bar sink) after the removal of the bar. At the same time, the workers were also working on plastering the wall in the same room simultaneously.

In that morning they shut down the water valve, in the evening when we got home and turn on the water and only found the water flushed out white for a few minutes and then just smell aweful (plaster smell). No matter how long we let the water run, the smell did not go away. However, this only happen to our faucet water in the second floor of the house. Regarless the bar pipe is the first floor of our home, our downstair faucet water appears to be fine.

Of course, when we asked the contractor, he denied any possibility of things that could go wrong when he closed the pipe by the bar, patched/plastered the wall.

We don't know what to do, but only thought about getting the water tested, and put in some kind of water filters in. Changing the piping system is probably too costly and we don't know if it will fix the problem.

In the last week, we have been gone to the nearby YMCA for showers. Our stress/anxiety level went up big time.

Need your advise or comments on what to do, or where to get water tested, what water filtration system to consider.

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