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Have you had a cat just vanish?

13 years ago

My beautiful black cat, Midnight just vanished .

I have had her for almost 2 years. She was a stray cat that appeared on my deck on evening and became part of our family real fast. Once she trusted us and would come in the house we found out she was expecting too. We turned her into a pet real fast and she was a loving cat in no time. She had 6 babies and we found homes for all but one and I kept her. We got her and her kitten both fixed.

She always wantes out in the morning and would come back home every couple hours to eat and come in and be loved on and stay for awhile and at night she would always be home between 6-7 for the night. Then a week ago Monday she was out side at 10 am and I haven't seen her since. We live in the country and I have looked every where for her and called and called and ask all the neighbors and no one has seen her. I haven't seen any voltures anyplace eiher. Has anyone had a cat dissapear like this and show back up? I am just heart broken and can't give up hope on her returning home. She was such a joy to us.

Thanks for reading this and I hope someone has some encourging words for me.

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