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Kitchen Layout - What Do You Think?

10 years ago

Hi. This isn't for an actual build, I just like messing around with layouts. I drew this up today, and was wondering whether you guys think it works well. Design is fluid, but dimensions of the whole space and doors/openings are fixed.

Overall, I love it, but I'm worried that the fridge is too far away from the sink and cooker. Maybe the sink could be moved onto the peninsula, next to the dishwasher? That would bring everything a bit closer together, and leave the counter space under the window as prep space, but I prefer to have the sink under the window. Ugh, what do you think?

I'd also like to add a TV somewhere, but don't know where - maybe in the corner top cabinet? Any comments welcome.

PS: Sorry about the bad quality image, I don't have a scanner so had to take a photo with my phone. Should be clear enough though. Thanks x

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