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Point of Use Faucet - Can 'Hot' Faucet be used 'Cold'

13 years ago

We have a dual chamber 10" slimline under-sink filtration system (non-RO) which needs a new point of use faucet. The faucet which would work best for us is a Franke LB1100. The faucet is listed by Franke as a "hot water only" unit. When I asked Franke, they said the water connection is a standard 1/4" push fitting.

Of course Franke would like to sell you their instant hot water heater, but other than that, why couldn't you use this for a cold water non-RO filtered supply? I'd guess there might be some issue with RO treated water due to its aggressive nature. Also, since it's not RO, the lack of an air gap shouldn't be an issue.

I'd like to make this work as a similar faucet in a "cold" version isn't available. Any advice on why a manufacturer would list such a faucet as "hot only" and whether it should work in our situation would be appreciated.

Here is a link that might be useful: Franke website listing of the faucet

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