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Good metal manifolds for PEX ?

14 years ago

Having completed a few plumbing jobs (thanks in large part to this forum)...

IÂm now preparing to replumb my one story house with PEX and have been looking for Manifolds.

Lowes carries Zurn PEX pipe, but the Zurn manifolds they carry are made out of hard plastic. Are those reliable? Perhaps my own bias, but I would prefer a metal manifold. Seems to me a cracked manifold, or leaky plastic thread would create a big mess. I would prefer a metal manifold that comes preassembled with shutoff valves.

Alternatively, I also thought of building my own custom manifold with copper Ts. However, IÂm not sure I trust myself to sweat 10 ball valves on it without overheating and damaging any one of the nylon seals.

Any advice on reliable commercially available metal manifolds, or making your own? "PEX manifold" search did not return much.


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