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I need some major help making a kitty decision (sorry so long!)

11 years ago

Back in June a stray cat from my work's parking lot jumped right in the car on my lap as I got in the car to go home. I turned the engine on expecting her to bolt. She hunkered down. I closed the door. She fell asleep before we reached the exit to the parking lot. As we drove home, I petted her all over, my hands were totally black from the pavement and grease and oil from the parking lot. Remember, this is also in Phoenix and about 110 degrees at 2am, and she hadn't done much grooming to herself because of the toxins on the pavement and from the paragraph below.

While I was petting her belly while we drove, I could feel wriggling in her belly, now my husband would kill me FIVE times over once I got home! He was cool with it and we made Amy (I named her on the way home) and her swollen belly as comfortable as possible for the next two weeks.

She gave birth and I got to film it and take pics, she was right under the bed and within an hour she was letting us pick them up and pet them. She would come and gently take them back when she felt they needed to be by her side, but never did she act aggressive towards any humans.

There were 5 kittens, and I decided to adopt them out in pairs, 2 kittens, 2 kittens, and our temporary roommate promised he would take the last kitten and Amy when he moved. My husband and I were gone all week and the roommate was give strict instructions to take both cats (he closed on a house the day we left) when he moved and several other chores around our house that he hadn't done.

So we get home from vacation tonight and what do you know: Amy's room door is closed, meaning Amy was in there because I gave him very specific rules to follow, such as food dishes still in the sink, the mail which I asked him to do. Amy has a severe attitude with other cats, and has chased mine off several times (I have 3 Ragdolls, and they don't have the gene in them to fight, they just want to chase, be chased and play). However, a promise is a promise and to just dump this crap on me when my parents came home with us and roommate's room has no mattress (he is borrowing it until he can afford one), the bed was such a mess, no vacuuming done, and his room is filled with crap, and nothing has been cleaned AT ALL. Amy's room smelled to high heaven like ammonia, and it was just gross.

Okay, here is the conundrum: I never wanted to seperate Amy and the last kitten (which roommate DID take) because they are now bonded. He has left me with a cat that goes bonkers when she is with my three other cats, and has very sharp, thick nails. I do trim them and tried Soft-Paws but she just pulls them all off within minutes. The last resort I think I have to keep her is by declawing her since I can't find a home for a 2 year old cat, and my other cats have tollerated her tonight, but who knows? I don't want Amy to go to a shelter and will definitely not give her away to a stranger.

Before you flame, please know that I despise declawing, but if it is going to save one of my other cats' lives by doing this, I think it is a solution. Of course I will charge the roommate who bailed on Amy to pay for it, but I am just so angry as to why he would lie for months assuring me Amy was his when he knew all along he wouldn't take her.

I guess I wanted to write this down to get my feelings out with other pet lovers, but want to know newer techniques on declawing if possible.

Thank you SO very much for your opinions, and again, I hate the idea of declawing but if Amy is this aggressive I can't banish her to a room forever.


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