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venting for a new bathroom

12 years ago

I would like to use the Saniflo Plus system to install a shower, a toilet and a sink in a new bathroom which is located at the basement level of my house. There are two main floors above the basement level. The drain of all the new bathroom fixtures will be connected, through the Saniflo pump, to the main sewage pipe of the house, which is vented thru the roof.

Do I need to install a separate vent for this new bathroom? If yes, can the new vent exit the house horizontally to the side wall of the house? (This is because it is totally impossible to vent thru the roof; the only place I can vent, if needed, is to the side).

And again, if yes, what type of vent I'd need; I read something about one-way vent that is not suitable but I am unclear about what the proper type vent might be).

Thanks in advance for your advice.

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