Closing on house tomorrow--new to well water issues

Jean Popowitz
11 years ago

Hi..we are purchasing a newly built home tomorrow. Our town has been on water restrictions for the city water--due to be off those restrictions in two years--at which time I must hook up to city water (pipes/connections already in place).

The home is approximately 4000 sq ft, 3.5 baths. There is a shallow well (I will find out exact # of ft.) Issues started arising this week when the landscaper was planning the lawn irrigations system and it was discovered that the well only produces 4 gpm. They switch the system to drip irrigation to only trees/shrubs. I'm okay with that.

Today I asked for the water analysis which the contractor will furnish tonight. In the meantime, he remarked that the iron is quite high and that I might want to consider a softener. I will find out which kind of iron it is. Naturally, I came over to the Garden Web forums to start doing some homework on systems and found that this is a very complicated issue. I would also like filtered drinking water because of reports of drugs in the water, but then, you don't get the health benefits of the good minerals? I do not like the slimy feel of the salt water softener at my current home.

So my first question is: is the amount of water the well is providing adequate or should I demand a deeper well (and not close on the house)?

I will post later with the water quality results.



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