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How to hold an online contest?

11 years ago

Okay, I've been thinking about this for weeks and now I am taking it to the forum. As some of you know, I blog for a cabinet hardware company--an opportunity that came to this stay-at-home-mom via my remodel! Very fun and very fortunate.

Sooo...there is a whole series of high end hardware coming out soon and we want to hold an online contest. The winner will basically get a hardware shopping spree for their kitchen.Our idea is to team up with some suitable house/decor/style site and ask people to submit their pics, vote, announce a winner and then have the person install the hardware in 30 days and send pics for promotional purposes.

This is similar to Beekeeper's tile contest that she won, except I guess that we would need to find people mid-remodel, ready for their hardware.

What do you guys think of this? Do you think that makes it difficult to pull off? Plus, any suggestions about sites to team up with?

Thanks for your help! I am rooting for a GW'er to win of course ;)

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