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Septic tank and hair

14 years ago

Today was my first experience cleaning the filter at the outlet of a septic tank. Easier than I had expected, a screw-on cover at the ground surface, then the concrete cap in the "well". I have always assumed that hair is digested in septic tanks. We typically collect the hair on the shower and tub drain strainer and chuck it in the toilet. The stuff in the septic strainer had lots of hair, the hair holding most of it together. Obviously hair is organic and can be burned for disposal. I do not like to put wet stuff in the trash can. But it now looks as if hair in the septic tank is not good. The 4 year accumulation in the filter amounted to about 1 quart of "stuff". Yes, I know that annual cleaning is recommended and 3 years is considered to be the maximum cleaning interval. Those who shave with razor and lather certainly put (short) hair in the septic tank. Washing long hair results in considerable shedding, especially among older people. Anyone familiar with the chemistry of septic tanks? What about the hair?

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