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Bathroom counter options for resale?

RNmomof2 zone 5
9 years ago

I am thinking of updating counters in two of our bathrooms--the master and one of the kids. I am confused on what to use for the counters.

Back story--We built the house 23 years ago. It is one of the more expensive/biggest houses in a middle class neighborhood in the midwest. Our kitchen counters were replaced 10 years ago with solid surface. Granite was fairly new to the area and would have cost 12K for the cheapest options per the KD. Even though we have no thoughts about leaving, I am wanting to keep the house somewhat "updated". You know, so in 20 years its not completely Grandma's house when we sell! Some but not many of the houses have been updated with granite.

My DD's and I have been out looking. Options seem to be solid surface which I was told today is more $ than quartz or granite. I have concerns about chi's melting the counter but was reassured by two sales people today that was not possible. I am not a big fan of most granites. I believe I want a very light counter and not tan/taupe/brown. I have seen some quartz samples that we all liked.

Some granites, many quartz, and remnant pieces of solid surface will all be basically the same price. That surprised me. So if you were buying a house what would your preference be or what impression do any of these give off?

As long as I have you guys this far, feedback on color would be appreciated. The girls bath is two rooms, first section has 6 ft long counter on the left with solid wall with hooks on the right, pocket door heading into next area. Tub/shower is directly ahead with toilet on the left. There is a circle top window opposite the toilet that is north facing. We will be replacing the floor as well. Cabinets are a medium toned oak in good condition. Any thoughts on counter colors? I am afraid of making the room too dark. We are thinking of a spa type blue or green for the walls.

Thanks for any feedback.

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