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dog urinating in the house, please help!

17 years ago

I hope somebody can help me, I am at my wits end. I have a 4 year old chihuahua that I have had since he was a pup. His name is Midnight Asthma (he was bought to help me with my asthma] and he was properly trained to let me and my husband know when he needs to go out. He does know how to and does not have a bladder problem. He does have a attitude problem. I wish I had crate trained him although I like him to sleep with me. The problem is no matter how many times you take him out, he will go and pee in my bathroom. He does this mostly when we are asleep and he has woke up us before. The worst part is when we are both awake and he does not even bother to let us know and sneaks into the bathroom. I have tried the sprays you can buy in the pet stores and at Walmart and if he wants to urinate on something that won't stop him. Any suggestions?

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