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Would love some layout feedback before ordering my cabinets!

15 years ago

For the past 6 months I've been lurking here and posting periodically, using graph paper and a pencil to do my layout drawings. I finally got some design software and can show some 3D pictures of my layout!

A little background: This is a DIY budget kitchen. We are ordering the cabinets from MKFUSA and installing them ourselves. I don't have taller wall cabinets due to budget constraints, and even the glass ones you see in the drawings might have to go.

The solid white door goes to the garage, the glass door in the dining area goes out to the deck, and the open doorway goes directly into the living room. Unfortunately, those mountain views won't come with my cabinets, but our wooded view isn't too shabby! :)

Some things:

-We're not moving the sink or dishwasher to avoid plumbing costs. The appliances have already been bought, so those are non-negotiable!!

-Concerned about the fridge wall-- I was tossing around some ideas to make it look more balanced, but ultimately this fits all of our needs (24" storage pantry, pot and pan storage on either side of stove, 12" pull-out pantry for stove/baking items, and "mail center" on right side of fridge) and I actually kind of like the asymmetry. What do you think?

-The corner cabinet in the peninsula actually faces the door to the deck so we can put our dog food, treats, etc. in there. (I accidentally put a drawer on it, but it will really be just a door so it can be accessed from beneath the overhang.) I'm a little concerned about installing this ourselves because of the required fillers. The other option would be another super susan...?

-Need a little help with the recessed lighting. We'll be having an electrician come in, but I'd like to have an idea before-hand of how that layout is supposed to go... I just threw some in there so it'd look like I have something.

This is the last chance for ideas/suggestions, since I'll be ordering this week!!

Thanks everyone!

Before 1:

Before 2:


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