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HELP! New boyfriend doesn't want my Weimaraner in bed with us...

16 years ago

I just recently met a great guy. I am 40, very independent, separated and relocated alone out of state with my 3 of my most treasured companions I ever had in this world... My three "children", MAXIMUS, my Weimaraner, LABBY, Yellow Labrador & rescued Pit Girl pup, DUTCH.

A little background. Maximus is not your typical K-9. From the moment he came off the plane, he never left my side. I am a retired K-9 Police Officer. NYPD. We trained endlessly and tirelessly for 2 years before we passed the requirements to field together. Soon thereafter the tragedy struck - "9/11"... We spent 2 mos. at ground zero searching for missing persons and cadavers. "My Son & Angel", as I call Maximus, has also saved my life several times throughout our career together. I too would never for a second hesitate to give my life for him... He and I have never spent as much as one day apart. I have sacrificed many luxuries most people take for granted, vacations, etc., but they do not have what I share with this boy, pure loyalty, honor and sheer joy. Even when I had a recent hysterectomy, he spent 3 days in the hospital bed with me. Needless to say, his needing to release himself availed me to get out of bed & on my way to get up & walk to a very speedy recovery w/his aide, again, by my side...

NOW THE DILEMMA: This "great guy" calls me tonight and told me he did not sleep at all last night. Our 1st time sleeping together. The problem: Maximus in the bed w/us. I told him that I am willing to sacrifice & compromise many things, but this is NOT negotiable. ANY SUGGESTIONS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED. I have EASILY gotten rid of the man & KEPT the DOG many times in the past, "A NO BRAINER", however, something about this guy tells me he's a keeper & Maxx seems to like him alot too. Please help me w/this one! Thx! Jo & Maxx

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