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Update: Guest bedroom yellow no more

12 years ago

Hi everyone,

Well I finally tried Farrow and Ball paint. Thanks to all who helped me make a final decision. I had tried Ellen Kennon Mustard Seed but somehow it looked too orangy here. I decided I wanted a serene/sophisticated/calm color. I get a ton of light and the butter up yellow, though it looked good in photos, was a bit harsh and screamed "Good Morning"! I felt that I had to provide guests with sunglasses! I have to say I "get" the Farrow and Ball difference. I got nervous as I started painting the room Stony Ground. It sort of looked lilac over the yellow, but then the whole room got this soft glow. It feels as if the color is soft as a cloud, just the look I wanted. It did take two full coats, more than BM paints or SW. I did fear I would run out as I only ordered 1 gallon, which is usually plenty for the small room. But I still have 1/3 left as compared to 1/2 left with other brands for the same size room. It goes on silkier,not thick and since it felt thinner I was splashes!! I always find I have to have a wet rag handy for splashes. Barely needed it, which is a miracle for me! Another thing I noticed is that we have old plaster walls, which to be honest aren't the greatest. I knew my husband wasn't about to help and re-plaster. He doesn't want to enable my "problem" obsession with paint. The walls probably should have been re-sheetrocked, but after all the renovations we have done, I know he feels it's good enough. Here's the interesting thing about F&B. It makes the walls look smoother and the hairline cracks aren't even noticeable. They look flawless, well almost. It's like the difference between a cheap and expensive makeup foundation, if you understand what I am getting at. Clean up was about the same, nothing noticeably different. ONe more thing. I hate the smell of paint and my dad was a housepainter so I know that smell well. There wasn't any noticeable smell, but almost a clean smell. Would I use it again..yes definitely. But I have to say only if the room was small since it can get costly. I would do it in larger rooms if someone else painted because it definitely needs two full if not more coats to get the finish. That might be because I was painting over neon yellow. My husband said "nice, but the yellow was nice too". Why is it that most men don't see color differences. A color could be maroon, yet he calls it red! Turquoise he calls blue. He actually said "it looks like the bathroom color". Well, the bathroom color is way's Putnam Ivory! I am very impressed with the paint and being a skeptic, I can say that's it's not hype. Now onto my son's bedroom and EK paint. I must be crazy but I love trying out these new paints!! CAn't wait to see how EK paints work. These photos don't really capture the softness/dreaminess of the paint. The color is a soft greyish/brown. More taupe at night, more grey in daylight.

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