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Anyone up for a hypothetical facade update challenge?

10 years ago

My neighborhood abounds with mansard style roof homes. We are looking for a 4br home but want to stay in a one mile radius of our current home for schools. Every time of of these comes on the market, my husband nixes it immediately.

I'll admit, they aren't my favorite either. in fact, they are my least favorite of all the styles we have around here.

But, sometimes the insides are really nice and spacious and they are often slightly lower in price because they aren't the latest and greatest or even historic and charming. They just . . . are. You know?

Anyway, I'm linking a current listing that I think deserves some consideration because of the interior. Hubby immediately nixed it.

Is there anything we can do to update it short of ripping off the roof (they aren't THAT much cheaper than the other 4BRs in the neighborhood)? Thanks for any help you can give!

This one was actually recently painted the yellow. The googlemaps streetview shows that as of late last summer, it was grey.

Here's the googlemaps version:

Here is a link that might be useful: mansard roof style house

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