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Would you syringe feed?

10 years ago

One of our kitties (she's 18 or 19) lost a whole bunch of weight over a short period of time. She is skin and bones. She had a full blood test, metabolic panel, thyroid test and urine analysis done. All came back normal. There aren't any palpable lumps anywhere. Her temperature is not elevated. She is drinking, but only licking a bit of food and definitely not taking in enough calories.

The vet gave her antibios because she has sneezed a few times, and she also sent me home with 4 B12 shots, of which I've given her 1, and kidney diet, which she has no interest in. I have tried scores of different canned foods, she will lick at them a little, and that is it. She did eat a few bites of turkey cold cut and brisket, but not much. She is not interested in baby food either.

I started syringe feeding her yesterday and she has kept all the food down, but she still has no interest in eating on her own. I am wondering how long I should do this. She hates it and I don't want to make her miserable if her time is short. If anyone has been in a similar situation, how long did you keep it up?

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