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Wallpapered Stair risers - Part II

lala girl
13 years ago

So about 6 months ago - I painstakingly wallpapered my stair risers - and loved them. After only 3 short months of enjoyment - my son accidentally kicked my super jumbo cup of coffee all the way down the stairs (yes, I definitely should NOT have left it there, I had set it down quickly one morning to help my other son in the bathroom...sigh.) Even though the wallpaper was polyurethaned, it was decidedly ruined. :(

I kept hoping I would stop noticing the brown streaks when I went up the stairs! I could not get motivated to tackle this project again. But then I fell in love with this intense wallpaper from Anthropologie and it gave me the kick in the behind I needed to motivate. It is a different approach with a little crazier paper. I know this is not for most folks, but thought I would share.

Anyone else find something recently that finally got you motivated to take on that tedious, time-consuming project?

PS No beverages at the top of the stairs from now on! :-)

Before the Venti Starbucks


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