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x post undermounting a bathtub

10 years ago

Not much action in the bathroom forum.

I am brainstorming regarding a very small bathroom renovation. There are two baths and it makes sense, lifestyle-wise, to put a larger shower in the slightly larger bathroom and put a small bathtub in the the very small bathroom.
So I am looking at 48" and 54" tubs. In this housing segment that would not be a strong negative.

Kohler makes the 48" acrylic "Greek" tub, which is a deep soaking tub, and the 54" cast-iron "Seaforth" tub.

The other choices are enameled steel through American Standard and Bootz. (I wish Kohler still made their 48" cast iron tub). I would like to stay away from a steel tub.

I would really like a 48" tub because of the shorter size, but the Greek tub is a drop in, and it would be an alcove installation. It would have a shower or it would never be used.

I was thinking that, if a customized deck was fabricated out of Corian, a cove (almost like a short backsplash) could be placed around the perimeter eliminating a lower corner seam in its entirety and a flange could be placed for tiling.

I think this could get expensive but could be worth it. Has anybody done a deck of this sort?

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